“Spiritual Hunger and Thirst,” Ndola Revival Church Holds Sunday Service

On 2nd May, Revival church held its first Sunday service in May. The participants were 23 in total with one visitor by the name of James Sampa. They were encouraged about the importance of being hungry and thirsty for righteousness from Matthew 5:6.

The Bible study was delivered by brother Wilson from the book of Matthew 13:24-30 which was about the parable of the weeds. He encourages the congregants to always plant good seeds in their hearts and never sleep spiritually. It was when everybody was sleeping when the enemy came to plant the weeds, therefore if we sleep spiritually and we stopped studying the Word of God, then the enemy will plant evil seeds.

The sermon was given by Intern Pastor Joanna about spiritual hunger and thirst. She explained that the reason why they need to go to church is more than just for worship but it is for them to be filled. The Bible says that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled.

These days people are going to church gatherings and Bible studies because someone asked them to do so, and others are because it has become a lifestyle that is good, but the reason why people come to church is for them to be filled.

A healthy person always feels hunger and thirst, but if they are sick then they will not feel it, the same is with our spirits. If we are spiritually healthy, we will be able to feel hungry and thirsty for righteousness, and if we feel this we will be filled.