Kitwe Gratia Holds Sunday Service: ”Resurrection and Life”

On 25th April, 23 people including 6 OHS students joined to Sunday service. Intern Pastor Peter preached the main message from John 11: 20-25 about Jesus is the resurrection and life.

There is no resurrection without death, for Jesus to said that He is the resurrection and life meaning that He will die, but after that, He shall be raised to the glory of the Father and those who will believe shall be saved from their sins and have eternal life.

There are two kinds of death; physical and spiritual. Physical death, it appointed for man to die once to flesh to return to dust, then the spirit will return to the Father who gave it. Spiritual death or eternal punishment is the separation between man and God. Because of sins, when man sinned against God, he became dead, he disconnected from the love of God. But He demonstrated His love by sending Jesus to die for the ungodly.

Men need this resurrection and life through Jesus in every area of their life. Understanding this deeply will make us realized we still need Jesus to save the whole world by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and even if we die physically we shall be raised to the glory of the Father.

Gratia church will focus on raising teen leaders by evangelizing and teaching the Word of God as they are planning to hold a three days retreat with church members from 6th May to 8th.