Nairobi Gratia Church Sunday Service Meditated Salvation by God’s Grace

Olivet Assembly of Kenya, Gratia Church held Sunday Service on April 18th with 3 brothers (Methuselah, Peter, and Job) Joining Sunday service for two Sundays in a row amidst the strict COVID-19 rule in Kenya. They meditated the Word of God from Ephesians 2:8-9

Intern Pastor Livingstone delivering the sermon explained that “God’s saving Grace is the sovereign work of God to overcome the rebellion of our heart caused by our sinful nature inherited from Adam to bring us to faith in Christ so that we can be saved. We do resist grace but God works to bring us to faith!”

Referring to Romans 3:10-12 and Acts 7:51 they could see that by nature, man is born in this world, as descendants of Adam making the sinful corruption so deep and so strong that it make man slaves to sin and moral man is unable to overcome their rebellion and blindness. For that reason, man need total dependence on God’s grace to overcome rebellion, to give the eyes to see, and effectively draw mankind to Jesus their only Savior

The preacher quoted Charles Spurgons’ word who once said, “I might preach to you forever, but you will not come unto Christ. I might beg of you on my knees, with tears in my eyes, and show you the horrors of hell and the joys of heaven, the su´Čâciency of Christ, and your lost condition, but you would not on your own come to Christ unless the Spirit that rested on Christ should draw you. It is true of all men in their natural condition that they will not come unto Christ”

The three brothers who started to join the service last week expressed how grateful they were that God could allow them to join the service. Job said, “today I feel blessed by the service, it was powerful”, Methuselah said that this Church has few members but everything feels real and today I am glad to have joined.

Peter has been joining the Bible studies for the past three months but was struggling to join the Sunday service. Now that he started to join we are praying that he continues to join and commit his life to the Church and Christ Jesus.