Africa held OTM 6th Anniversary Service from 4 Chapters

Africa held Olivet Teen Mission(OTM) 6th Anniversary service from 4 chapters include Kenya and Zambia. Zambia 3 chapters joined online service together. Missionary James Lee encouraged the development of OTM and shared a message from Matthew 5:14 that ‘you are the light of the world”.

He shared that the darkness will disappear if there is light. We need to have Jesus because Jesus is the light of the world. We need to receive and believe in Jesus starting from accepting the gospel. We will have love to overcome the hatred of this world and we can grow up to be a true leader by receiving guidance from the bible.

Zambia joined Lusaka, Kitewe, and Ndola with 3 chapter leaders. OTM Zambia leader shared the vision of OTM and teens with Olivet High School students. OTM Zambia acting leader, Matthew, shared that “I hope to bring the truth to the teen and make them participate to the kingdom of God by revealing his glory.”

Kenya also celebrated starting the Teen mission on the same day. They have a big hope to join to OTM Africa network with many members this year as they have a plan of OHS operating.

The service made to understand about the Teen mission and it was gracious to Africa teens as it was the first time joining to anniversary service. They encouraged to make a unity with the same vision of Teem’s mission.