Africa Evangelism Move Forward to Pentecost with 3 Basics

Africa leaders shared 3 basics of evangelism and the situation of the World mission that move toward Pentecost. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared the 3 prayer topics for the world mission including Stevens books. Also, they shared the way of evangelism that ‘add numbers daily’ to make alike early church.

OAA encouraged YEF Africa evangelism to develop that they have a clear goal and target ‘to bear fruit’. They announced that OTM Africa held the 6th Anniversary Service together with Kenya and Zambia 3 places together online. They shared the good news to give hope to HTCS Africa that WOA makes furniture for the church from the trees fall down to the ground.

They shared the basic elements of evangelism that 1. A good teacher of the words of God 2. the clear goal and target to bear fruits 3. professionalism for media and networking. They read the book of Act 2:42-47 and shared 3 basic things of the church that; Kerygma -> Koinonia -> Diakonia to make a good church through evangelism.