Trust God All Heartedly, Zambia Revival Church Holds Sunday Service

Revival Church held Sunday service on April 18th with a total of 25 attendants among them three visitors (Joyce and Beatrice and Mariam) with invited through 2 from OTM bible study. They were encouraged to always trust in God all heartedly.

The Bible study was given by brother Prince from the book of Hebrews 11:1 where he encouraged people to have faith as it the evidence of things not seen. He further cautioned them to always study the word of God so that their faith can grow and they can know God more in their lives.

Intern pastor Joanna delivered the message from the book of Acts 1:12-26 and she shared about the events that took place after the ascension of Jesus Christ. She explained that right before Jesus went back to heaven he gave the disciples the last command which was for them not to leave Jerusalem not until the Holy Spirit comes upon them.

“This was a very cold and hard time for the disciples for there was no one to lead or even teach them as Jesus did. But through this time the disciples were getting strengthened. For it was through this cold time that Simon Peters’ leadership was revealed. When everyone did not know what to do next he remembers the words that God gave through his prophet and took the first step”, she said.

After he spoke the disciples then picked two people and one of them had to take the office of Judas as the scriptures say that ‘another will take his office’ she continued. “Before choosing from among the two, the disciples had to pray and allow God to have his way. This teaches people to always trust in God in everything and not leaning on their understanding for it is only God who can make their path straight”, she shared.

She concluded after sharing the grace she received from the presence of the 2 bible study students of OTM, “The service today was very graceful and I was blessed to see the 2 sisters Beatrice and Joyce who attended the OTM anniversary service join to Sunday service and on top of that they also said that they are there to stay. It is my prayer and also requests to all saints for God to help these sisters together with OTM to grow for I believe the Church will also grow through them”.