Kitwe Gratia Church Holds Sunday Service: ‘’Ministry of Reconciliation’’

On 11th April, Kitwe Gratia church held Sunday service, and Intern Pastor Peter shared the message about the meaning of reconciliation from Romans 5:8-10.

How does God show His love? God had shown His love through the death of His Son, Jesus’ death means life. This language is very unfamiliar to us. Death means a being becoming a non-being or it is for everything to disappear completely and vanish. Death is to lose all wealth, glory, pride, and authority, to vanish completely and the end of everything. Therefore, it is the greatest fear of man to lose his life. However, Christ died for us and gave us life.

Jesus revealed the truth of God’s love through giving up His precious life for the ungodly. The whole life of Jesus is the perfect revelation of God Himself. The embodied revelation of the God of love revealed on the foolish cross of Jesus. By His blood, we have been justified and received salvation. Those who had fallen into the pit of destruction have received salvation. It’s not enlightenment that is a gradual improvement.

While we were enemies of God, we were bound to death and destruction under the wrath of God. At that time, God revealed His power of salvation. We were reconciled to God means our sins cleansed and we were reconciled with God by the Son of God who became the scapegoat sacrifice. It means we have peace with God by the scapegoat. We are reconciled with God. Jesus became the propitiation (the sacrifice of atonement).