Zambia Revival Church Easter Service “Then Their Eyes Were Opened’

Zambia Revival Church held Easter Service from Olivet High School. Missionary James Lee shared about the message of disciples who see the resurrected Jesus after their eyes were opened from Luke 24. Revival Church continued the Easter Retreat and they will finish it on Monday.

Missionary James shared about two stories of the resurrection of women and two disciples who go to Emmaus. The first person who saw resurrected Jesus was a woman who has sensitive love. We also need to love even the death of Jesus. But we do not fall down to death as Jesus is ‘the living and is not among the dead. We need to love the sacrifice of Jesus and believe in the power of resurrection together.

The story of two disciples’ who going to Emmaus with downcast faces is focused on ‘eyes’ to see Jesus. They didn’t see Jesus before opening their eyes. The process they opened their eyes was starting from the explanation of Jesus from the ‘beginning with Moses and all the Prophets’ about the sacrifice of Jesus. And their eyes are opened when they see the breaking bread. They remembered that the life of Jesus was broken to give them eternal life.

This story is ending that they returned to Jerusalem and they met other disciples and becoming a witness of resurrected Jesus.