Kitwe Gratia Church Holds Easter Service, ‘ He Has Risen’

On 4th April, 26 people gathered to have an Easter service. Intern Pastor Peter shared the main message from John 20:1-19 and the title of the message was ‘He has risen’.

The period of lent is very important in Christian history today because we meditate about the cross and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. There are three important events in the life of Jesus, death, burial, and resurrection, but resurrection is the final victory and glorification has revealed to everyone who believes in Him.

Mary really loved Jesus up to the point of death, when Jesus died she was heartbroken to lose the intimate love relationship with Jesus. When we lost precious things we become sad and heartbroken especially death, but the death of Jesus was so different from the natural one for it was to bring freedom and forgiveness from our sins. Jesus already told them that He will die and shall be raised from the dead and shall glorify those who will trust Him, as it is written in the Scripture. The day of resurrection is the celebration moment in our lives for it is the great victory over death.