OF Africa Sodalities Goals Highlights Concentration to G20 & M40 Nations

During a weekly conference, Africa para-church representatives discussed the goals and setting up of sodalities across the continent. Apostolos Missions (AM), Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF), and Olivet Teens Missions (OTM) were represented during the conference.

On receiving direction about sodalities set up, the representative went back to the drawing board to plan and carry out research about nations, cities, and universities to focus on. The goals set by each parachurch highlights concentration to the G20 and M40 nations across the continent.

Each fellowship is expected to focus on making at least two (2) sodalities. One at a national (5 cities or campus chapters) level and continental (5 National Chapters) level. Both AM and YEF will focus on South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, East Africa Federation, and each will add the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia respectively.

There were additional counties to the five selected. Both fellowships also plan to focus on EAF as the area of focus to establish the city sodalities due to the bigger base of the universities at disposal.

OTM on the other hand was represented by the Zambia acting representative brother Mathews. The will focus on evangelizing three more High Schools and establish OTM to add to the current two Olivet High Schools in Zambia.