AM Africa 3 Day Online Lent Retreat Concludes With New International Students

Apostolos Missions Africa in conjunction with OA EAF and Nairobi Gratia Church held a three days Lent retreat. The study that focused on Jesus’ Birth, life and teachings, and His death was live-streamed both on Facebook and YouTube for the members to attend together.

“Though there was a restriction of public gathering by the government of Kenya, we could by the grace of God have a live stream. We felt back when the lockdown was reinstated 3 days to our planned retreat in Kenya, we didn’t know that God’s plan for us was to reach and share the retreat with all AM members in Africa. We planned small and God gave us more, Walter Livingstone shared.

Brothers and sisters from Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, and Ghana were able to join the live stream. Norman, Towela, Danny, Tamia, Laone, Maria Keren, Emilia, Clevins, and Princela all joined through the live stream.

Through the teachings, members could understand deeper the heart of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Much grace was received and shared by the online members.