OTM Appoints 2 Teen Leaders in Africa

Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Africa has recently set up teen leaders from students of Olivet High School (OHS) Zambia. The newly appointed teens will start as leaders of OTM Zambia and will participate in the development of OTM in Zambia and Africa. After the leaders were set up, a system was also installed for efficient and important communication between OTM Africa and OTM International.

Among the new administrators, Matthew Chilando has been set up as OTM Zambia leader. He will be participating in Olivet Fellowships (OF) Africa conferences along with OTM Africa intern Christal Lee for guidance and development. Matthew will also be organizing OTM Zambia city chapters of Ndola, Lusaka, and Kitwe. Mary K. Phiri has been set up as chapter leader for Ndola, and a potential chapter leader has been found for the city of Kitwe, but is yet to be determined.

OTM Africa second-generation intern Christal Lee is put in charge of communication with OTM Intl and HQ. She will be reporting current statistics, activities, and progression of OTM Africa, keeping OTM updated on their development and so provide better guidance and help.

Upon the question “Why would you like to lead Teen Mission in your church?”, Matthew and Mary responded:

“I remember last year I served God in church as a leader and school as a chaplain at OHS so my aim was to encourage young people, especially teenagers, to help them understand their identity in Christ. So through this opportunity I have now I want to make sure that teenagers can come to serve God. In our church, teenagers serve more than older people in evangelism and Bible Study.” – Matthew

“So that through me, many teens as well will get to know the amazing love of God and grow in the fear of God. And so that they could become great leaders in the Church and also in society.” – Mary

As more Olivet High Schools will be established, OTM will play a crucial part in the spiritual care of the students. As the schools are filled with students, they need to know firmly their identity as Children of God, as ones beloved by the Almighty. All the teens who will come need spiritual nurturing which OTM is working to provide, and through OTM, the teens can come to be established as precious members and workers for the Kingdom of God.

Please pray for OTM Africa, that they may be established well and made stronger through these new leaders. May God provide and care for them, raising up a new generation.