Africa Leaders Shared for April ‘Redeem the Time’ and ‘Jesus’ love against Hatred’

Africa leaders got a weekly conference and shared the message of the Lent Period. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) Missionary James Lee shared a message about ‘saving time’ for beginning new month and about the love of Jesus against hatred to kill him for lent.

OAA gave thank God for the February that they finished the payment for OC South Africa and Olivet Center(OC) EAF in Kenya. They keep praying to close the campaign and moving forward to 12 continental OCs and G20 OCs. And the month of March and April will finish big things and will see the victory after passing through lent.

They meditated Ephesians 5:15-21 that our wisdom is ‘saving the time’ with taking care of special time and regular time. We need to fix the time to do not be lazy and we need to make the time of salvation today. We shall fulfill the OCs and ministries with good leaders from this new month. We shall give birth every month then they will shine like the stars of the sky forever.

Leaders also meditate about ‘hatred’ that killed Jesus from John 15:18-19, 1Jon 3:13-16. This hatred started from Genesis 4 that Cain hated and killed Abel. The original sin is recorded to explain sin between God and humans and sin between brothers. Jesus gave the new law that ‘love God and love neighbor’ from the 10 commandments. This ‘law of love’ is ‘law of life’ yet the law for justice and fairness became ‘law of death’ by sin.

Adam disobeyed by the arrogance that to be ‘opening eyes’ and ‘like God’. The ‘death by brother’ came from hated by envy and jealousy. The death of Jesus becomes ‘one’ for these two that he obeyed and loved brothers till die. Jesus obeyed and judged this sin.

The Pharisees had misunderstood that Jesus was breaking their law yet Jesus was fulfilling the ‘law of sin’ by ‘law of love’. Those who eat the fruits of knowledge without faith in love are dead. Because knowledge and logic without faith cannot understand love. And the priests and elders of the Jews hated and killed Jesus by envy and jealousy because he is the ‘heir’, Matt21:38.

We need to master the heart of ‘hatred’ because it killed Jesus and pierced Jesus. Jesus loved us laid down his life for us, and we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.