OAA Started 40 days Bible Conference of Lent; “Jesus Love Them to the End”

Olivet Assembly of Africa started to share the message for the 40 days of Lent. They collected 15 members from each country and started to share the meaning of the Cross. Members provide testimonies and reflections that they understood that they need to be stronger through the Lent period.

Missionary James shared John 13:1 about the meaning of suffering to Christianity. He shared the core point of the gospel is the death and resurrection of Jesus. The importance of the Lent period of Lent to the Christian is that “the Bible encourages to receive suffering like Jesus” in many scriptures.

He said, ‘The Cross is love’ but love becomes shallow and light to the Christian of today. The identity of a Christian comes from knowing the meaning of the cross. True life comes from true love so that we really need to know true love from the cross of Jesus.

John 13:1 showing that Jesus preparing his death with his ‘full extent’ of his love. Jesus loved us with his whole life till he dies.

One of the leaders of Zambia gave testimony;

“Although the cross is gloomy and painful when we see it for me, it is the source of my strength. When I am faced with so many challenges and pain and I feel like giving up, the one thing that comes to me and encourages me to keep on going is when I remember the suffering and pain that Jesus had to go through for my sake and this gives me the strength to keep ongoing”.