Africa Leaders Conference “My Yoke is Easy, and My Burden is Light”

Africa leaders held a weekly conference and shared the February plan. Olivet Assembly of Africa shared the message of Matthew 11:25-30. They shared that February required a lot of prayers and we need to learn how to take burden like Jesus.

The burden is heavy but we can take the burden like Jesus as a burden of love. If we do not take the yoke now, this wooden yoke will be iron yoke later. As a disciple, we need to follow the way of Jesus taken burden.

Those who take burden need to be humble and gentle. They need to have a pure heart and a simple heart like little children. The Christ is hidden to the wise and the prudent.

We need to show true discipleship when we take the burden, or if we take burden in the way of law that they rely on our works in the hard-time.