OF-Africa Conference Discussed Weekly Plan

Africa Continental representatives of fellowships gathered for a weekly conference. The leaders presented their plans and goals for the week as well as a review of the previous week.

Olivet fellowship of Africa resumed weekly conference. The region currently has three fellowships (AM, YEF & OTM) represented at a continental level with SLS first member set up in Kenya and YD in the process.

Today, YEF and AM representatives managed to attend the conference, YEF’s new representative sister ANU, joined for the first time. AM laid down plans for Bible studies, Evangelism, Education, and Networking. While YEF set plans to meet with the current Chapter leaders, the creation of social media for evangelism focus on Nigeria, South Africa, and Rwanda. Their goal this week is to have a fellowship together and grow in Christ.

YEF leader explained that last week I was able to meet and discuss with all the YEF Africa leaders. We have established a new meeting schedule as well as an article schedule. We will be writing at least one article every day.

This week I will be meeting with the Africa Chapter leaders. There is also a CM in Zambia called Benson who is a potential Chapter leader, I also plan to invite him to the meeting and have a one-on-one meeting with him as well to see how he is and see it he can be officially be set up as a Chapter

For the current YEF Chapter leaders, my goal is for all of us to have fellowship together and grow in Christ together, so we will be having a weekly devotional along with our meeting.

I will create social media accounts for YEF Africa. I also want to start brainstorming some ideas for online evangelism for Africa, I specifically want to focus on Nigeria, South Africa, and Rwanda (because YEF Rwanda doesn’t have the best network, I will be helping out with that until he can be more stable).