OA Africa offered Dedication Service for OHS New Branch

Olivet High School(OHS) Kitwe, a new branch, held the Dedication Service and Orientation on 1st February. Missionary James Lee of Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA)joined and shared the message that ‘speak the truth in love, may grow up into Christ’ from Ephesians 4:15. They gave thanks to God to open a new school and starting in hope.

Missionary James shared the purpose of the school is for the ‘mission plus Education’ and they will open many 50 schools in Africa. They introduced the teachers and staff and presented the rules of the school including morning devotion and bible study.

The students didn’t prepare to come to the school due to the Pandemic situation because the Ministry of Education gave the result of the examination to the students on Friday of last week. The school is expecting that many students will register in the next two weeks.