Gratia Church Held Sunday Service; ”The True Meaning Of The Church”

On 31st January 2021, Gratia church members and leaders joined Sunday service, in which 24 people including two visitors. Intern Pastor Peter shared the Bible study about two ways to know God from Romans 1:19-20. Pastor James Lee shared the main message about how to know the true meaning of the church from 1 Kings 1:22-61.

Intern Pastor Peter said that there are two ways we can know God; through our sense or humans reasoning and secondly, by the word of God and Jesus Christ. God has given reasoning ability and intuition to know the existence of God, and this revelation is known as the general revelation in which anyone can know God through the Creation and our spirits inside of us cry for the Creator.

Through this way of knowing, the existence is limited and because we cannot know the full God through creation and spirit, man is limited. Another way we can know and meet God is through knowing the word of God and Jesus Christ. This is the most profound and effective way because Jesus came to reveal the true nature of God and the fullness of God dwells in Him.

Pastor James Lee shared the message about how we can build the true church, and the prayer of Solomon when he was dedicating the temple to God. The temple is the house of the dwelling place where we meet God. It is the house of prayer in that when we pray with the humble heart, He will forgive us and answer our prayer. The center of the temple is the word of God, therefore, God wants to dwell in us, not in the temple that has been made with the hands of God.