OA Zambia Conference for “Jesus and Gospel”

Zambia ministers decided to teach and use more ‘Jesus’ and ‘Gospel’ accurately. Olivet Assembly of Zambia held a conference and shared the leaders’ understanding of theodicy and the core message of the preaching. All of the ministers agreed that they have this problem and also shared some ideas to train the right way to the new leaders for the mission development.

Missionary James shared 2 Corinthians 4:5 and 1Chorinthians 3:4-15 for the preaching the message and training the leaders to build up the church. He was afraid that some of the leaders didn’t use “gospel” or “Jesus” accurately in the testimonies and report because they do not know or do not express about God whom we believe.

Christians do not know God through ‘Monotheism’ or ‘Monachism’ but ‘Trinity’ that we believe God who revealed through Jesus. Our confession and testimonies need to follow this way if we understand in the right way. Because God is clearly revealed by Jesus to us instead of an unclear way of God of Jews and God of Muslims.

Paul declared that he preaches Jesus and he is serving people for Jesus’ sake. And there will be the judge if we do not preach the right way of the gospel that fire will come and burn to test if we are standing firm on the right foundation.

One of the intern Pastor said, “this is very important to the members of the church to teach as well so we do not have a problem later”. Revival church intern Pastor Joanna and others also shared that she didn’t know accurately but she starting to understand.

She also asked one of the church leaders to start two cell-church but missing the bible study and church programs. So they give guidance to encourage to do more mission but sit down to discuss and to receive a report. They suggested visiting together to know what he is preaching and to know the mission works.