Nairobi Gratia Church meditated God’s Providence on Sunday

Kenya Nairobi Gratia Church members gathered for a Sunday service. They listened to a sermon from Romans 8:29-30, “The providence of God” delivered by intern Pastor Walter Livingstone.

Traditionally Theism believes that God is the creator of heaven and earth and that all that occurs in the universe takes place under Divine Providence that is, under God’s sovereign guidance and control. But according to believers, God governs creation as a loving father, working all things for good.

He is an absolutely perfect being. He is, omniscient – He knows all things: he knows of all truths that they are true, and of all false that they are false, whether they pertain to past, present, or future. And God’s knowledge does not change. Nothing is learned or forgotten with him; what he knows, he knows from eternity and there is no error in His memory.

God is also omnipotent- He is all-powerful: anything that is logically possible, he can do. And He is perfectly good: in all circumstances he acts for the best, intending the best possible outcome

Sovereign Lord is in control of the whole world. Our strongest faith can be believing that God is in control. God is our rock, deliverer, fortress, and strength. When we are in Christ evil can’t judge us (Psalms 18:2). Peter was weak, and very shaky when he was with Jesus (Mathew 26:75). But he changed into a very strong and confident person after experiencing the resurrection power.

Like Peter, we too need to experience the resurrection power of God. Then we can begin witnessing him boldly as Peter did in Acts 4:9-12 that, Salvation is only found in the Name of Jesus Christ. Our faith is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Though He was killed, He rose up and now is seated at the right hand of God

There is no argument that there is anything that God does not know about. God knows every secret in us, Ecclesiastes 12:14, Romans 2:16. Especially our heart: Mathew 6:4,6 God knows the result of our decisions. God’s decision is predestination. Ephesians 1:4-14, man’s work is to choose to follow or follow a different path

God’s work is calling us and our work is receiving the calling of God, Romans 1:6. We should be aware that, the judgment is naturally coming by means of mans’ own decisions. The works and vision of human life need to move forward to fulfill the predestination of God by opening our hearts, receiving and accepting Jesus which is completely our decision John 1:12, the preacher ended.