EAF OC Aims to Build Greater Mission Momentum

The East African Federation (EAF) OC in Nairobi, Kenya, wishes to build greater mission momentum for the continent of Africa as more missionaries are needed in this vast region that continues to explode with growth.

Research shows that 80% of Christians trusted Christ around the world between the ages of 4 and 14. Africa is a continent where nearly half the population falls within this window; the opportunities for youth ministry are tremendous and can have a considerable impact on the present and future.

The EAF OC aims to provide after-school programs, and elementary and secondary schools, international partners provide practical, affordable education. The EAF OC will open greater doors for youths in Africa through colleges and universities and work with partners that can offer scholarship support programs for students attending higher education.

EAF OC’s focus is to work with Africa’s children through education and a range of services and outreach programs. It is hoped through EAF OC a generation of African youths will be raised with the proper teaching of the Bible involved in leadership positions in the church. These include education and singing, engaging in compassionate ministries, and praying.

The region remains optimistic that great things are on the horizon for East Africa.