AM Africa Brainstorming Methods of Bearing Fruits Through Online Evangelism

Apostolos Missions leaders in Africa wish to bear more fruits through online evangelism. This week the leaders have been holding meetings and consulting with other mission leaders on how best to evangelize members and how they can be transformed into committed members.

Unlike other continents, Africa faces the challenge of a stable communication network which makes it difficult to follow up and guide Bible students well. Though there are many with the desire, this challenge becomes an obstacle for them to fully follow and commit.

In 2020, many youths were met through various social media, but as they begin the Bible study they disappear and cannot be reached anymore. This raised many questions and caused pain to the leaders. However, there have been great success cases where students found online have grown stably from various countries in the region.

After several meetings held this week, AM leaders working in connection with the OA Churches and OCs will invite dedicated students to the centers for more training then later send them back to the various countries to establish chapters.