OA Kenya Christmas Retreat with YEF and AM Begins

OA Kenya Mission together with Youth Evangelical Fellowship and Apostolos Missions started a three days Christmas Retreat. Scheduled for Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd, the Four Spiritual Laws shall be taught during this period. Day one commenced with a study on Creation and Sin

Pastor Thomas Ha, one of the leaders of the East Africa Federation, who is also a YEF Africa leader delivered a message from the book of Acts 28:15-17. He explained Paul’s life dedication on the Gospel considering his state of being under imprisonment. Preaching about Jesus and the Kingdom of God. “Without Jesus, the Kingdom of God cannot be established”, he said. He also highlighted the importance of studying and knowing the Word of God as it can help to recognize the Will of God.

The first and the second lecture of the retreat program was delivered. Pastor Jane Kwon taught about creation. Teaching about the image of God, the purpose of life and peace theory. And later Pastor Thomas Ha, taught about the fall of Man (Sin of Adam).

These two messages came out very powerfully and touched the hearts of listeners who later shared much grace. Brother Paul, who started to listen to Bible study with Gratia Church (being taught by Pastor Jane) was attending a retreat for the first time. In both sessions, he shared later in the evening that, “I have never attended such a program that touches my heart this much”.

The study will continue on Tuesday with more people expected to come in addition to the Ten that was in attendance today.