Revival Church Sunday Service, ‘Let Us Keep The Word Of God’

Revival church held Sunday service on December 28, with 13 attendants. They were encouraged to not just hear the word, but also to keep it because in it there is the power we just need to believe.

Brother Kelly shared the Bible study from the book of Luke 17:11-19. He taught about the story of the ten lepers who were healed but only one returned to give thanks to Jesus. He encouraged the members to always be thankful to God for everything that he does in their lives whether it is big or small.

Intern pastor Joanna gave the sermon from the book of Matthew 8:5-13 which was about the faith of the centurion that amazed Jesus. She explained that this man went to Jesus and pleaded for him to heal his servant. When Jesus heard he offered to go with him, but the centurion said his house was not worthy to receive Jesus, but he believed that the word of Jesus could heal him because it has authority.

The faith that this man had shown amazed Jesus, so he said that he never found anyone with that kind of faith not even amongst the people of Israel. Jesus continued to say that people are going to come from all directions to take part in the feast with Abraham, but the people of the kingdom will be thrown into the darkness where there will mourning and he said to the centurion, ‘let it be done has you have believed’.

The centurion knew that he was a sinner, therefore, he humbled himself before Jesus and believed that even his very words can heal his servant. The word of God comes with power but not everyone believes. The centurion received his heart’s desire by believing in the words from the mouth of Jesus. We can also receive it if we only believe in the words of God.

The Bible in Luke 11:27-28 tells us that blessed are those who keep the words of God, therefore we need to do not just hear, but also keep the word, only then can we experience the power that comes through it.