Gratia Church Held Sunday Service; ‘’The Day of the Lord’’

On 27th December, Kitwe Gratia church held a graceful Sunday service, the attendance was 20 people. Pastor James Lee shared the message about the end of the Lord from 1 Peter 5:1-10. In the last days about scoffers who follow their own desire, and mock Christian about the coming of the Lord Jesus.

We need to be conscious about time and know that our lives will end, therefore, we need to live our lives as if tomorrow is our ending, then we shall live only to the meaningful things, not to the meaningless life. Peter gave us a warning about scoffers and the deception that denies the coming of the Lord Jesus, but we should know that the day of the Lord would be like a thief at night. Consequently, we need to prepare ourselves and wake up from slumbering so that we do not miss the promise of God.

We need to wake up from slumbering and pray. We should not be like Peter, James, and John on the mount of transfiguration when Jesus was praying while his disciples were sleeping. But this time Peter already experience and he is encouraging us to awake from slumbering. We need to live a life of forgiveness and helping one another as Christ forgives us.