Gratia Church Sunday Service welcomes New Pastor and Newcomer

Gratia Church Sunday Service on Dec 20th was very fresh with the new pastors and a newcomer. This day Michelle Nyambura joined the worship team – Stephen and Loise so the time of songs and prayer was more active and abundant.

Intern Pastor Livingstone shared the message from Matthew 24:44 about Time and Date. He said “There is time for everything, so to know the time is the wisdom. There is a time of man and time of God. God made everything beautiful in his time, Eccl 3:11. So to know the time of God and follow His time is the best wisdom. Jesus said don’t work for food that spoils but for food that endures to eternal life. Though we need to eat physical food, we shall not live on physical bread alone but we need the Word of God more because the Word of God is everlasting. We don’t know the time of God well, but we can be prepared and ready for it. I hope we can meditate on this message and seek for the food that endures for eternal life.”

After the sermon, the 2 Intern Pastors were introduced by Pastor Thomas and they were sharing their reflections.
A newcomer, Samuel(a College student) joined for his first time. He was evangelized around 1 month ago has been in the online group and as the leaders contacted and invited him to the service he came to the church. George also joined the Sunday service for his 2nd time and as he was working even on Sunday he couldn’t join well.

May God continually guide many people especially the youths to the church through leadership so that they can find the way, truth, and life.