OA Zambia Teen & Youth Retreat Testimonies ‘Word of God is so Deep’

Zambia had a Teen and Youth Retreat for 4 days at the Olivet High School with the topic of ‘the Kingdom of God’. They took time for the testimonies and shared an abundance of the grace of God on the last day. Members testified the depth of the words of God.

One of the teacher of OHS, Febby Nanyinza, gave a testimony that “I was a Christian but I didn’t believe in God as well before” and “I thank God that I came to the school and learned the words of God from the church retreat and my faith is grown up through the words of God”.

One of the brother, Kelly, who is the 1st born of the children came to the church gave a testimony that “my father told me to go to the farm but I came to church after comfort him that ‘I will do it after listening to the words of God’ and I thank God to join to the retreat”.

Intern Pastor Peter shared his experience of the depth of the Romans that “I was boring to listen again the Romans bible study because I thought I know the words of God” but “I realizing the words of God more and more even now when I study Romans again”.

One of the students of OHS also said “the words of God is so deep” and “our school study Romans every time and I was tired. But when I sharing the Romans, I realized I can share so many things from the book of Romans bible study”.