Candidates for Intern Pastors in OA EAF

Recently OA EAF (East Africa Federation) decided 2 candidates for ordination as the Intern Pastors. Walter Omara and Walter Gor are the 2 candidates. Walter Omara has been serving AM Africa for a few years and he also has been appointed as the leadership of OF (Olivet Fellowship) Africa recently. And he also arrived in Nairobi Kenya from Kampala Uganda in the beginning of December after he got appointed as the leadership of AM EAF. And he has been studying at OTCS for around 3 years now.

Walter Gor has been serving for YEF Kenya for more than one year. And he has been studying medical science at Uzima University in Kisumu Kenya for around 1 year. And he has been serving for the kingdom of God at many aspects. They are planned to be ordained soon during this week. After ordination, Walter Omara will be serving for Nairobi Gratia Church and AM Africa together. Walter Gor would start to serve God at SLS (Saint Luke Society) ministry following his major. Listening to this news all the leaders of OA Africa and OA Kenya were surprised and happy to have another hope for the development of mission in Africa. Let’s pray for Walter Omara and Gor, so then they can be great workers for the kingdom of God.