‘Trust God’s Plan Over Your Life’, Revival Church Sunday Service

Revival church held Sunday service on December 13 2020 with a total of 25 members in attendance. They were encouraged to trust God in all circumstances because he has a good plan for them.

The bible study was led by brother Matthew from the book of Matthew 24:14 which explains that the end of the world will come only when the word of God is preached in the whole world. The word of God has the power to correct, encourage, and many other things. But it is only when this world is preached till the ends of the world then the end will come.

The sermon was led by intern pastor Joanna from the book of Jeremiah 1:4-5 which tells of the calling of Jeremiah. God told him that he knew and chose him where he was still in the womb of the mother. This scripture is teaching us about predestination, God called and chose Jeremiah before he was born and this is the same with us. It is not only Jeremiah who was known before he was born, but God knew all of us before we were born.

Jeremiah was called, but that does not mean he did not go through the pain that the people of this age are going through. The questions that we have about why the evil and wicked people prosper while the righteous do not, he also had this question but one thing he did was to trust in God. Sometimes we do not need to understand why we need to trust God but we just trust him because it is only him who has good plans for us according to Jeremiah 29:11.

” Thank you for the message that you shared today it helped us to remember that all the people who walk according to the way of the Lord always pass through pain and suffering because Christ also did, and we are not an exception, therefore, we just need to trust God no matter what”, Mr. Lot and his wife said.