“The Life of the Saints” Gratia Church Held Graceful Sunday Service.

On 13th December, Gratia church leaders and members held a Sunday service in which 24 people gathered. Intern Pastor Peter shared the Bible study about baptism to explain sanctification from Romans 6: 3-4. And pastor James Lee shared the main message about the Life of Saints from Philippians 3:20.

Pastor Peter shared the meaning of spiritual baptism. According to apostle Paul’s teaching, we were baptized into Christ’s death and raised to new life. Salvation is a transformation and put on a new garment which is Jesus Christ. There are three types of garments that we need to put on which are earthly body, white, and fig tree.

Pastor James Lee gave the message about the life of Saints. The true wisdom is to know the meaningless of life, when they are living, they know that they are alien or foreigners, they are going to the Father which is the kingdom of God. There is two wisdom of Solomon in proverbs and Ecclesiastes. The wisdom of proverbs is that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge, while Ecclesiastes is to know the meaningless of life.

He concluded on how we can make the kingdom of God on earth as in heaven. We need to participate in the church to make one body in Christ. We need to know that we have two lives which are physical and spiritual; the body will return to its ground and spirit will go to the Father who gave it. Therefore death is the separation time of spirit and flesh. We can realize true wisdom as we are learning wisdom from meaningless things. After finding this truth, we will conclude by saying that our calling as Saints is to live for God.