Revival Church Held Wednesday Service, Focus on Spiritual Things

Revival church held a mid-week service on November 25th with a total of 20 members in attendance. The message was shared by Mr. Samwimbila who is the senior elder of the church. The main Scripture was the book of Matthew 14:22-32. He encouraged the audience to deal with every trouble that comes their way spiritually and not physically.

The water that Jesus was walking on represents the problems that surround them in their lives. But Jesus did not focus on the physical but on the spiritual. The difference between Jesus and Peter is that Peter started very well putting his focus on Jesus, but after he lost this focus, he started to sink because he became afraid.

All the troubles that come against Christians to be waves and if we focus on how they are blowing or how strong they blow, they will not be able to overcome the troubles, instead, they will be conquered by them.

When David was going against Goliath, he did face him physically, but he fought him spiritually because if he had focused on the physical being of Goliath he would have been afraid just like all the other soldiers. his is a lesson for all of us, the reason why we think things are very hard is that we judge the issues physically. But remember, the bible says that we can do all things through Christ.