Gratia Church Held Sunday Service, Jesus the Resurrection and Life

Gratia church held the last Sunday service in November at the church fellowship center. The sermon was given by intern pastor Peter about “Jesus the Resurrection and Life” from John 11:25. 

The story of the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead gives us more hope and strength, in that, when Jesus heard about his death he was not troubled by his spirit, because he knew that his death is for the glory of God, he continued preaching the word of God for people to be saved. In Matthew 6:33, Jesus here is giving the highest standard of His kingdom by teaching and preaching instead of attending as more priority of our lives. When we believe in him, though we die physically, he shall raise us from this mortal body. We need to understand two types of death: physical and spiritual death and Spiritual or eternal death is more dangerous than physical because it is a separation or disconnection between the man of God, the end result of this death is hell.

Jesus is the truth and the life and anyone who believes in Him, though he dies physically, he shall be raised in the glory of God. When Jesus arrived at the tomb of Lazurus, he saw that people had no faith in Jesus to raise Lazarus. But he preaches the word of God to them to believe, and finally, he prayed to God and cried in loud voice to call Lazarus to come out of the tomb and he came out. When we are in sin, we need Jesus to call us out of the tomb, because when Adam sinned, we all died in sin and trespasses according to Ephesians 2:1-3.