Revival Church Sunday Service, Do Not Worry For God Cares

Revival church held Sunday service on November 15th, 2020 with a total of ten attendants. Intern pastor Joanna encouraged not to worry about what they will eat or wear or about tomorrow because God cares and he will take care of their every needs just as he did in the desert for the people of Israel if they just put their trust in God.

Brother Benson gave the Bible study from the book of Acts 4:11-12 which he entitled, ‘Salvation through Christ alone.’ There is no other name in heaven that has been given through which man can be saved apart from the name of Jesus. People rejected him but now he is the most important in the lives of humans as he is the only way in which people can be saved. The sermon came from the book of Joshua 5:10-12 which tells about the people of Israel eating the produce of the land of Canaan and immediately the manna stopped. The intern pastor Joanna explained that after God saved the people of Israel, they were led into the desert where they spent 40 years. But through that time he supplied for all they need. The Israelites liked complaining, and because of that they provoked the wrath of God upon themselves, but we must not be like them. We need to always trust in God even if you do not understand why we trust him. Both in good times and in bad times, we need to always trust that it is working for our own good. Psalms 38:9 tells us that all our pain and worries are not hidden from God, therefore, we need not worry for the bible tells us to cast all our burdens on Jesus for he cares for us.

The bible tells us that our life is more important than food or clothes or beauty.  Just like the birds that do not farm, God is able to feed them, and he also cloth the flowers of the field. But we are more important than these things can ever, therefore, let us not worry but trust God.