SLS Africa Holds Meeting for Upcoming New Year

Several Days ago, members of the Africa region gathered together to evaluate activities of the past year and to plan the goals for the upcoming year. The last 12 months were a significant time for the development of SLS Africa and the representative gave glory to God.

During the meetings, plans were set out, inputs were taken from each member, conversations about what mistakes were made last year, criticisms, advice, and suggestions on how to move forward were mentioned. As members of Christ, it was also said that some responsibilities shall be shared among members in the coming year. It is expected that members will focus on evangelism and mission outreaches based on the strategies discussed during the meeting.

Also, bible studies for the spiritual growth of members were spoken about. At the end of the meeting, members gave thanks to God for the opportunity to gather. The Representative asked for prayer for continual growth and development of SLS mission in Africa.