Africa Preparing Mass Evangelism

Africa had a weekly conference and shared for the mass evangelism. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared the news of the OC network and Kenya School project, online evangelism, and Romans simple version textbook that all these are to open the season of the harvest’.

They shared the progress of the Kenya secondary school project and asked for prayer. OA Kenya is moving for the registration and going to buy the school and we pray for the teen evangelism for the many. OC South Africa is preparing to receive family members of pastor Aquila on the 18th of November. They pray for Zholi’s family to come and opening Global London College together.

Africa focusing on online evangelism to collect people in this pandemic situation. OAA emphasized to lead the members from the online bible study to fellowship, from fellowship to commitment and devoting to leadership so that they make bible students to RM, CM, DM. They will use 4 Olivet Seminaries for 4 regional(Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, and Nigeria) mission strategy.

They shared the textbook of the Romans to the ministers for the fast way of evangelism. They praying that all these things will be connected to mass evangelism to open the season of the harvest.