Africa Making Fruits From Online Evangelism

Africa moving forward on 2ndary school project in Kenya and fruits of online evangelism. The leaders had an online conference and shared weekly reports on Tuesday.

Online evangelism making fruits to register the member of the church and the fellowship. OAA and Olivet Fellowship(OF) Africa getting 5 Registered Members(RM) through online evangelism.
OF Africa starting to send the Olivet Seminary that AM Africa is registering one student of Namibia. They pray to pioneer Namibia with this new member(sister). 3 members registered to RM from the AM last month. OAA expecting 2 more Olivet Seminary students to join RM from Zambia and Rwanda that they raising from an online bible study group. OAA will make an online group for Olivet Seminary as numbers are increasing this week for those students. For the fellowship and service, they using online fellowship. Africa has challenges by network speed so that they use the text to sharing the message.

Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) had a discussion for the Kenya school. It’s located 10Km from the capital city Nairobi. OAA board had a discussion on the merit of property for the 2ndary school and OC purposes. They are still in the discussion of the entity and direction of operation of the school. They preparing OC Zambia 1st payment. It is coming after the Business License comes out. We guess we pay at the end of November and the beginning of December.

OA Kenya had 1 new Bible student who joined twice. And there were some new people joined the online group. They shared some text messages in the group but we’ll also share audio messages to share them this week. They will use the Romans’ simplified version to raise the people quickly and effectively.

OA Zambia two ministers Revival church Intern James Kunda and Emmanuel Church intern Joanna is changing in order to give the diverse experience of ministry and find the best person for each ministry. They will be equipped with training for the application of the words of God at the mission fields. Intern Joanna started to take care of Revival church Olivet High School and the Hunt Trade & Craft The school (HTCS) and Intern James Kunda is for Emmanuel church and Youth Center in Lusaka.

AM Africa keeps sharing the message online and 4 people are attended include one from Botswana on Sunday. Omara Walter of AM Africa shared a message from Isaiah 50:1. They sent one student who completed Romans 8 that they working on connecting Albertina to OAA to recommend for OS.