Gratia Church Held Sunday Service: The Parable of the Lost Son.

On 8th November, the Gratia church held a Sunday service. Intern pastor Peter led the program and shared the word of God about the meaning of the parable of the lost son from Luke 15:11-25, the message was based on repentance and forgiveness.

Peter shared the message of the lost son that this is the story of our lives. When we meditate on it deeply, then we will realize that we are the lost sons and God is looking for us to come back to him. This parable teaches a lot of lessons about repentance and forgiveness. When done is under the sin power, he is lost or blinded for he cannot see the light of salvation, not until he realized and change his mind. Actually, repentance simply means changing our minds about the evil we have done to people and God. Repentance is very important in Christianity because it is a sign of humbleness to receive forgiveness from God.

God is so merciful and his love endures forever for he doesn’t want to punish us because of our sins. But he wants all of us to be saved from sin in order to have eternal life through Christ. God is always looking for his children to come back to him because they have moved from the right position with him and when he finds them he is very happy and excited to see them come back to him. We need mercy when we call upon his name he shall save us from any destruction. He only commands to love him as well as he loves us than whatever we can ask in his Son’s name he shall give us.