Sunday Service at Nairobi Gratia church : You Are Child of Light

On the first day of November, the Gratia church gave a Sunday Service to God. They were meditating 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, Romans 13:11-13, Genesis 6:1-3Romans 8:19,23 about “You are Child of Light”.

1 Thessalonians 5 is talking about the encouragement of Apostle Paul to the people who are living in the sinful world. Even though this world is sinful and dark, the people of God belong to the light of God through believing in Jesus Christ. So they are supposed to live with faith, love, and hope of salvation.

At the time of Noah, sin was growing in the world and all the people were sinful except Noah. Their sins were godlessness and wickedness far from God. They didn’t want to glorify God nor gave thanks to God but only focused on earthly things. Even when people of God lost their purity and mixed with the worldly people in marriage, God decided to judge the world because there was no hope remaining in this world. God is not the creator of sin in this world, but he is a victim of sin. God was sad because of the sins of the world and he wanted to renew the world through Noah’s family.

Romans 8:19 is talking about the waiting of the creation for the children of God to be revealed. This world is waiting eagerly for the changes to the original word of God. Even the believers we are growing inwardly for the adoption of the sonship. For this world to be dark and ugly is not the Will of God so God sent his only Son Jesus Christ to save us. We have great hope in God. Jesus Christ is in the same position as Noah to save this world.

Also, we, who are the followers of Jesus can be in the position of Noah. We want to live with the hope of salvation, also we are the hope of God in this world. Through us, God can change the world.

Through the service, they could see the role and purpose of God’s calling. May God guide the members to live like the light and salt in this darkened world.