OAZ Mission Presentation to OAA

Intern pastor joined to 28th anniversary of Olivet Assembly of Africa where 6 international leaders gathered to listen to the Olivet Assembly of Zambia’s mission, education and Hunt and Trade Craft School plans and vision.

Intern Peter presented was the review of Olivet Assembly of Zambia 2020 achievements including the ordination of three intern pastors, Joanna, Peter, and James. They were dispatched into major cities of Zambia, Kitwe, Ndola, and Lusaka. They opened three churches namely Gratia, Revival, and Emmanuel Church.

He also gave the summary about the vision and plans of the OAZ mission that 3 churches will establish more 6 churches from 2021&2022 and make 6 more schools, 3 Hunt and Trade Craft School in order to evangelize 600 OTM students from OHS and HTCS. They also have plans to open online evangelism through Olivet seminary in order to evangelize university students.

OAZ has planned to invite committed leaders to receive more training for the mission. OAZ will work together with the education ministry to evangelize students to be members of the church.