Revival Church Sunday Service, Confession

Revival church members joined to service on 1st November. Attendance was 23, and the message was shared by brother Benson. The main Scripture came from the book of Romans 10:9 and the theme was about confession.

We need to confess. To tell God what we have done is wrong so that he might forgive us. In the first part, it is a confession to tell God that you have done something wrong against someone with our mouth. It is very important to do this because we need to be free from wrong things. We have to be acceptable by God (Matthew 11:28). When we confess our sins God will reconcile us. Although we are his people, when we do something wrong, we need to confess and repent. But as long as we confess he will grant us restoration.

We need to believe with our hearts, after confession. Then we have to believe with our hearts that our God forgives the sinners if we believe, the righteousness of God can be upon us (Romans 3:22). The righteousness of God comes by faith in Jesus to all who believe.

Raised from the dead, Jesus overcame sin. So that we can be righteousness and put right with God (John 8:12). God wants to put whole this world right with himself. Jesus was raised from death so that we could have his righteousness, John10:28. After confess with our mouths and believe in the heart that Jesus is raised from the dead, we will be saved. This is the way We could be saved. Let us confess all our sins to God and repent. Because we need to allow Jesus Christ to reign in us.