Gratia Church Sunday Service: ” The Rejected Stone Became The Chief Cornerstone”

On 25th, October 2020, the Gratia church held the Sunday service. The message was shared by intern Peter about the rejected stone became the chief cornerstone from Psalm 118:22.

What he shared was about the interpretation of the chief cornerstone from Ephesians 2:20, that Jesus is the chief cornerstone upon all of us. We are laid or built upon, this means that when we came to believe the gospel we must be built on this foundation of the word of God. David was giving the testimony about Christ who shall come and deliver all people from all their sins and give them eternal life.

The preaching of the cross to them that perish is foolishness, but to us, it is the power of God to point us to salvation. People failed to receive Jesus because the way they expected to come did not happen. So they were waiting for Jesus yet Jesus came for his own but rejected him. But John 1:12 says that to them who received him gave them the power to be called the children of God. For this reason, we must pay attention to the word of God because that is the only special revelation we can receive Jesus and hear him.

As Christian we need to learn a lesson from Jesus as he humbled himself and God exalted him above all names, we need to be Spiritually poor so that we can be the fountain of blessings from God. When we take the example of Jesus, then we realized how much we need to suffer with Him for His namesake we can be persecuted, accused, or tempted. But we shall overcome them all through Christ who has given us the special victory through his cross.