Gratia Church Sunday Service “Kingdom of God is Within You”

Nairobi Gratia Church had a Sunday service on Oct 11th. They were giving praise and worship to God for what God had done in their lives. On this day, teen member Michell joined as the first time for the worship team.

Pastor Thomas shared the message from Luke 17:20-37 “The Kingdom of God is within You” with other references from Eccl 11:9, Eccl 12, Eccl 5:15, Phil 3:19-20
There is the history of this world and the history of the life of each person. As all the creation has a beginning and the end, to know this history and to live a meaningful life is important in man’s life. We need to recognize the history, and also we need to meet God in our lives. God loves us and He wants to bless our lives. If we know God’s love for our lives, we can live a meaningful life in God. Everything in this world is meaningless because it has ended, but the Kingdom of God is eternal and worthy to pursue, so we need to fear God and obey His commandment, doing the will of God for His Kingdom.

The service was graceful and even the children or teens could listen to it well. This day, a teen member Deborah(13) joined after a long time of absence in Sunday service. And she brought her 3 other sisters also. May God guide the members of the Gratia church to grow in God.