Revival Church Service, Giving Our Bodies and Hearts as Living Sacrifice to God

Revival church held Sunday service on the 11th of Oct 2020, and Scripture came from the Romans 12:1. The title was “Giving Our Bodies as a Living Sacrifice”. The Word of God was shared by intern pastor James Kunda.

Paul said we need to give our bodies as a living sacrifice. The body means our life and we need to give not a dead offering, but a living sacrifice. A living sacrifice means we need to give priority which is our heart. We are not just going to church to remove our guiltiness on Sundays, we should not only be Sunday Christians. But God wants to receive our broken hearts which is the right sacrifice to him (Psalms 51:17). Our hearts should have a clear focus and direction.

The bible says that God desires mercy than a physical sacrifice (Hosea 6:6). But if we give something to God without conscience and attention of our hearts then God cannot receive the offering that we give to him (Mathew 23:23). Even Pharisees and from the New Testament were giving offering and sacrifice but without a real and deep understanding of the gospel of God. They gave offering but without faithfulness, righteousness, and merciful hearts. Their giving of offering and sacrifice was in fact meaningless to God’s sight.

Once again our sacrifice must be our hearts to God, this is what the Lord wants from us. God desires mercy, forgiveness, and sacrifice from the heart, or we can simply say “Love”. If we do not truly love our brothers and pretend to love God, it is not right. We should have a heart of serving our brothers and sisters. When we do all this, then we truly love God. The relationship with God must be a true love relationship with him. We need to show hospitality towards others including strangers (Romans 12:10-13). Let us keep carrying our brothers and sisters burdens every day (Galatians 6:2), instead of putting our burdens to sister or brother.

God is searching for the true worshippers, we should give true worship (John 4:24). True worship means worshipping God with all our hearts, minds, and soul. This worship needs to be in our whole life, we need to exercise and practice how we must worship God in the way of serving others.