OHS Morning Devotion,Meaning of the Gospel

Kitwe Gratia Church Leader, Peter visited Ndola Revival Church with 4 Leaders. OHS’s 30 of Students attended the Morning Devotion, Intern Pastor was given the privilege to share the message from Olivet High School(OHS) Chaplin Matthews and He shared the message from Romans 1:16-17 about the meaning of the Gospel.

He shares the meaning of the gospel which comes to the Greek word, ‘Euaggelion’ and this means news of victory or the good news. Simply the gospel is the story of Jesus how he lived, died, buried, raised, and ascended. He also shared that the Gospel is the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He said by encouraging the students that It is important to study the word of God and meditate all the times especially this scripture of Romans 1:16 because relying on the gospel can change our lives. And Chaplin gave the closing prayer.