HTCS Zambia Hold The Dedication Service

Hunt Trade & Craft School(HTCS) Zambia had a dedication service with Pastor Phillip Bae of HTCS-HQ and Olivet Assembly of Africa on Monday. Pastor Phillip shared a message ‘Sow the seed to harvest’ from Galatians 6:7-8 for the students. They are starting with online lessons. They have 10 students who registered and will start with 30 students.

Pastor Phillip shared that “we need to grow and change” and “real change coming from knowing the truth” and emphasized to learn the words of God first. The church and the school is a community to go together as we cannot go alone. He encouraged them to saw a lot of seed with an effort to reap a lot in the time of the harvest.

He said “I am grateful to see Africa members for the school” and he introduced HTCS history to grow in the words of God for all members. Intern Pastor Kunda of Revival church gave thanks to HTCS from starting from Zambia. He said, “we will build many schools and will support many ministries to build the Kingdom of God”. Intern Pastor Peter of Gratia church gave thanks for the sharing the words of God and blessed students to sow the seeds deep inside of them. Missionary James Lee of OAA also shared Zechariah 1:20-21 that we need to be a craftsman to break and build the Kingdom of God.

Zambia HTCS is starting from on-site lessons first for one month and will give practice after passing the examination. The students are very excited to learn it. One of the students gave thank God and shared that “this is really helpful for us and we really need this school in Africa”. And, one of the teachers said “more students are willing to come” and this school is “very much helpful as they will utilize the time for learning new skills and doing God’s work”.