Africa Leaders Conference For ‘Preparing A Presentation’

Africa leaders held a conference to share the preparation of WGA. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared the program of gathering and emphasized to prepare the presentation for each ministry leaders. They shared a message from Romans 12 and Philippians 3:14.

OAA Missionary James Lee shared that our focus is a living sacrifice and spiritual worship to give to God, after salvation. Our life is the body and our heart is what we can give to God as a living sacrifice. Sacrifice is appearing in the heart of broken and having mercy and obedience to the truth.

This heart of devoting to the love of brothers and practicing hospitality is the service. This service to obey God ‘with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind’ becomes spiritual worship to God as God is the Spirit. So the living sacrifice does not mean we do not need a ritual ceremony but we do our best to serve God in spirit and do not be a hypocrite.

We need the truth to have spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom is making us serve God out of the ceremony. This free will to serve God can make us be acceptable to God as spiritual worship. We can serve others in this spiritual freedom beyond ceremony and rule. This true ‘service’ becomes true ‘worship’ to God.

Those who have spiritual freedom can be a true minister of the Kingdom of God and work for it as a son of God. Like Jesus shared love and joy to the disciples from the last night, Paul shared to be joyful always from the prison. Paul confessed that he has spiritual freedom, 1Cor 9:19.

Those who know this spiritual freedom can work hard like Paul. He shared Phil 3:14 “I press on toward the goal to win the prize” and 1Cor 9:26-27 that he does not run the race aimlessly nor beating the air.