Gratia Church Sunday Service : Ask, Seek, Knock for the Kingdom of God!

On Sunday, Gratia church had a Sunday service at the church and they started it with worship and praise with thanksgiving for God’s grace, guidance, protection.

Pastor Thomas shared a message based on Luke 11: 5-13, “How much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?”
As the parents on earth love their children even if they are evil parents. But our God in heaven loves us more than our physical parents, as Jesus explained in Luke 15 about the Father of the prodigal son. When we believe in this love of God, our life an be totally different. And as we pray to God, asking, seeking, and knocking the door according to God’s will(Luke 11:5-8, James 4:2b-3), we will experience God’s greater miracles and receive greater blessing through our faith. With the right faith and active prayer life, we may experience God’s blessing abundantly.

David Charles, a member of the Gratia church joined the service after a few months. He said he was struggling for life, but he promised to join the Sunday service continually. Stephen also joined after 2 weeks and shared that the message was teaching a great message. May God guide the members with His word continually in their place of life so they can experience God greatly.