Gratia Church Held Sunday Service: “Peter Denied Jesus three Times.”

Kitwe Gratia church held a Sunday service on 4th October 2020. Elder Martin gave the message about how Peter denied Jesus, and the main Scripture was Luke 22:59-62.

That time Peter was not yet grown matured to understand the love of God and the reason why Christ must die for the sins of the world. His love was not based on agape love, but a physical one.

The reason why Peter denied Jesus was that he was very proud and arrogant in his heart. This message is teaching us to learn from the love of Christ. Jesus has shown us by humbling himself to die so that those who believe in his name should not perish but have everlasting life.

The next time Jesus asked Peter if he still has the same heart. But this time, Peter really showed that he is changed because he understood all the words of Jesus that are true and life. Therefore denying Jesus three times has a spiritual meaning, that was very far from God’s grace. Not even our works could qualify to buy life because we were enemies of God, but he died for us all and declared us free from sin and death.