Africa Leaders Conference ‘Enlarge The Kingdom of God’

Africa leaders had an online conference and shared the prayer of Jabez. Missionary Jane of Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA), shared to prepare WGA that we need to conclude well for one remaining month to enlarge the kingdom of God. OAA will confirm the list of South Africa comer and we shall prepare with prayer.

There is no hope in this world so that we need to share the hope of Jesus Christ to the people in a pandemic. James taught us how to pray and we need to pray like Jabez in 1Chronicles 4:9-10.

Jabez’s name was ‘sorrow, pain’ and he prayed to enlarge his territory and protection from harm and free from pain. And God granted his request.

Our prayer is not answering because there is no asking and pray for the wrong ambition. But our prayer will be answered when we ask, seek, and knock the door. We need to ask to enlarge the Kingdom of God through our life.