Nairobi Gratia Church Sunday Service : “The Gift of God”

Nairobi Gratia church had a Sunday service on September 27th and they were meditating the book of Ephesians 2:1-10 “The Gift of God”. Pastor Thomas explained the Salvation which God gave us as a gift and which changed our lives from dead status to the holy people of God.

“As Christian, we have to know why we believe in Jesus clearly and be prepared to share our hope in Jesus to others. The Samaritan woman’s life in John 4 was not happy even though she was seeking it through worldly, sinful love eagerly. But after she met Jesus, she could know what she should really worship for which means the true lover, purpose and the direction of her life. So she left her water jar and started to share the good news to other people.

Ephesians 2:1-10 teaches us about “sin and salvation”. We need to realize that when we were still sinners, Christ died for us. God gave us the gift for our new life of salvation through the sacrifice of His one and only Son.

When we know this we can really thank God and serve God continually. We need to be ignited continually by the love of God.

God is speaking to us and leads us, so we need to read the Bible and pray to God. This was what Jesus showed us as an example for our lives. As Jesus went the way with a humble and obedient heart, we also should walk the way with a humble heart.

And we need to forgive each other’s sins. In Matthew 18:21-35, Jesus explained how we were forgiven by God. Like the person whose great debt was forgiven, we were forgiven. So let us have a conviction on this love of God, a great gift from God, and forgive each other’s sins. We need to have the conviction of this forgiveness of God so that we can live doing good works for God’s kingdom.”

On this day, there was a newcomer called Kevin joined the service for the first time. He was evangelized on the last week. He is a cycler and musician. He said he would join next week if he is available. Michell came with her friend also.

May God continually work in the people’s heart to come to listen to the Word of God and grow in God.